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Ready By Dawn specializes in helping small companies move fast in an ever changing technology environment. No matter if your business needs help accelerating the schedule of an existing project or implementing a new project from scratch we are ready to assist you at any time.

We do not believe in drive by consulting, and will support your business and our work long after our involvement with the projects is done.




Devium, is the only developer of in-car hardware and apps that harness the power of smart devices for driver safety, information and entertainment. Unlike other car audio manufactures, the Devium platform (Dash) replaces the layer of redundant car stereo technology with the superior touchscreen, voice actions and media access consumers already pay for. Ready By Dawn Solutions developed the end to end firmware solution for the Dash platform. This included Radio, Fader, Amp and Mixer and Bluetooth Audio and Phone management system.  In addition full iPhone integration including charge, line out and iPhone/Apple dock connector authentication.

  • Firmware for PIC32 base master radio management board
  • i2c drivers
  • Integration of Radio, Mixer, Amp, Fader and Bluetooth components
  • iPhone dock authentication chip support


Proximity Data

Proximity Data, Inc., is a Technology Company based in Longmont, Colorado. It specializes in developing the most competitive and high-performing new technology solutions for Data Storage Industry. Proximity Data, Inc. offers Engineering Design Services, Product Prototypes, and complete, ready for manufacturing systems. Ready By Dawn Solutions wrote Linux device drivers and test software for ProximityData's Serial ATA Adapters as well as providing web hosting and management services.

  • Web Hosting
  • Linux Device Driver for PD0104SE/EE Serial ATA Adapters
  • Test Application Software for testing PD0104SE/EE Serial ATA Adapters


Alluvial Joules

Alluvial Joules, Inc. is developing new technology for dynamic motion detection, human activity analysis and physical performance measurement. Ready By Dawn Solutions has been heavily involved in developing software and firmware for the embedded controllers used in this solution as well as assisting with website development and deployment.

  • Firmware for PIC32 based embedded acquisition system
  • i2c driver
  • PIC32 USB Target and OS Driver Interface
  • Web Hosting




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